the 23rd week report

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well here it is:

here’s a report of my baby at her 23rd week…seems so close to her birthday. hopefully soon, we’ll have our 2nd ultrasound to maybe better determine the gender and make sure all the anatomical necessities are ok.

Your Baby Week 23
Your baby now weighs almost 1 lb (450g) and measures about 8 inches (20cm) from crown to rump.
She is becoming plumper as her fat is being laid down at a high rate, but her skin is still wrinkled and reddish. The wrinkled and loose appearance of her skin is due to the faster production of her skin than the fat that fills it out. The reddish appearance of her skin is due to the deposition of pigment as her skin loses its translucent appearance.
Your baby can kick and punch vigorously by now, but she may also be gently feeling the umbilical cord and rubbing her hands and face against the inside membrane of the amniotic sac that holds her.
She is still swallowing amniotic fluid (which provides an important nutritional supplement to the nutrition she gets from you via the placenta) and is passing some of it as urine. The swallowing of the amniotic fluid may cause your baby to get the hiccups and you may even be able to feel this as her body jumps inside yours.
The lanugo hair on your baby’s body may turn darker at this time.
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