first kick of my baby ninja

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in the beginning of the 5th month, i’ve been feeling baby’s tiny little kicks here and there, to the left and to the right, as well as baby’s position. my baby also seems to be a ninja due to her constant kicking of my bladder, which she may mistake as her first toy. when she kicks it, it’s as if i have to pee for a wee second.

perze hasn’t been able to feel baby’s kicks but yesterday night, we waited until baby kicked right below his hand, and perze was surprised to finally have felt such a tiny push. baby ninja is so amazing, and it’s good know she’s right on time and doing great.

also, yesterday, dr. salvatore called me and gave me positive results with the rest of my blood tests, so everything looks healthy and ok. we’re now just waiting to reschedule our second ultrasound with cooper since kennedy had some slip ups with our insurance.

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