my second OB/GYN visit

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way better than my first visit, and more comfortable.

perze attended the visit with me so he could hear the heartbeat of baby. once it’s your turn, you really can’t help but smile when you hear that “whoot whoot” inside your tummy, knowing a little miracle of God is being molded, growing oh so bigger as the seconds move to eventual birth. God’s authorship is amazing.
from the results of all my tests, my doctor says everything is ok and healthy. she also explained that the funny fluttering feeling in my tummy is baby. baby is starting to be very active and move around, and soon baby will be kicking.

there were some confusion about my kennedy hosp. getting my ultrasound results to their office, so perze and i went over to attain the necessary information. fortunately, they had my records at the radiology center and even printed out the results for my ultrasound. looks like i’m 19 weeks into the pregnancy and the day is changed from june 29 to july 7.

my appetite is starting to kick back in, but now, am facing the problems of back aches and headaches.

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