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We’ve finally moved to the siteground servers, and I must say that their service is impeccable. That’s why we have decided to become resellers. I’m not going to do some silly sales pitch … because that will come in later … much, much later.

I am still playing around with how the new control panel works and what not. On the get go, I see a couple of unique things that my former webhost has and more so, don’t have. Of course the price is waaaaay cheaper than what I used to pay.

I’m still not done rebuilding this site but it’ll come in due time. With the nature of my job which is 117 miles away from home, I get home pretty late at night and I promised to spend time with my lovely wife so personal computer time has to be curtailed.

anyways, I think the latest version of movable type is awesome … it should at least deter those pesky spammers … and spamming through trackbacks … stupid people.

That’s it for me.

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