our angel’s ultrasound @ 16wks.

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it was a tough time last week getting in all my appointments with my primary doctor and my OB/GYN, the people at the blood works office, and the ultrasound appointment.

but after all that, here’s our angel. the very first first time i saw our baby. perze almost cried when he saw the legs and arms and hands move…it’s amazing to see such a small baby develop from almost nothing, how complex it continues to grow, and how much it needs. It changes you from the inside to everything on the outside…how you think, behave, talk, eat, function…just from a tiny being trying to live and grow.

it’s the most humbling so far, knowing that God creates every millisecond of your baby- its basic needs, its features, even its personality…i love that. He alone can do something so great and complicated.

i’ve been reading tons of magazines and books already about pregnancy and starting on the parenting articles. perze and i are also praying, knowing God’s guidance is the ultimate source for help. we talk to “her” every day, and sing to her when we can, knowing she gets some peace from our voices and songs.

our angel is soooo loved.
and we are so blessed.

to God be all glory.

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