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Nope, I’m not sad. I was just probably reminiscing on how good God has been to the two of us. remember last year, we weren’t even sure if you could get into any of the schools you applied for? And yet, today is doubly significant, as a matter of fact today is your last day in school. Miracle after miracle, God has been showing us how much He loves us.

This year we were afraid that I was gonna lose my job, but He made me keep it. We were afraid that I would get deported, but another miracle happened, two fold as a matter of fact, first, Pinkerton extended my visa, second, I got my EAD, thanks to you.

The best thing that happened to me this year mahal is being married to you. The epitomy of a proverbs 31 woman. I love you, what more can I ask for. This is the best year ever.

tokoshie ni, perze

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