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I was reading through some news today and came across an article about Google, Inc. who is trying to establish an extensive online library by reaching an agreement with a consortium of academic libraries. This agreement gives Google the right to scan and display these books over the internet. This is what the internet is for, spreading the love through the opening up of more educational related materials and making them available for the public for free. I won’t be surprised if one of these days, Google will branch out to the education field and setup Google University.

I got curious how much the creators of google are worth, after a fraction of  second of searching the link brought me to the world’s richest people list of 2004, compiled by our friends from As expected, Mr. William Gates III, who at the age of 48, is the richest valued at 46.6 billion dollars! If you scroll the list down to number 552, you will see two young guys named Sergey Brin and Larry Page, who at age 31 is valued at a billion dollars each. These two are the co-creators/founders of a little known company named Google, Inc.

I wish the writers at extended the list a little bit farther to the 4,311,098,557th richest person in the world … that would be me, valued at … hmmm … in or around $341.86. That is up $101.23 from last year. Not quite there yet but am slowly getting there. To be honest I didn’t declare my “other” assets. What can I say, it’s out of this world.

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