apologies and surprises

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i apologize in behalf of perze and i for not having blogged during very important times of our life. but we’re ok.

i’m in my last week, last leg, last stretch of the the game, of the race, of my undergraduate semester here at WillyP. i doubt i can honestly say that i will miss my Alma Mater since i haven’t had much freedom to roam Wayne, NJ like i was able to in New Brunswick, but i will miss the learning.

i love education, learning, and thinking, so that’s one thing i’ll miss…that and looking out my dormitory window at night, at the view of Wayne, NJ and its tiny lights in the distance.

And i’ll miss my youth, the times when i’d be in great hopes in seeing perze downstairs to pick me up for home, when it was just the two of us, riding 2 hours back and forth, talking and laughing, and eating, and catching up on our weeks. i’ll miss that…i’ll remember that until we’re too old for memory games.

also, perze and i are facing new challenges and blessings, and we’re so thankful to God for His beautiful and beloved new role for us for the coming year. God is good, and His love is wonderful.

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