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it’s been a while since perze or i gave an update on what we’re going trough regarding our lives, immigration, marriage…etc.

as far as my end, it’s november and so it’s almost closing time on what i call my undergraduate dragon. soon, this fiery young adult will leave her fires where she studied by mid-december. hopefully though, this dragon will never dry out of her feiry thoughts. I hope to continue learning, writing, taking classes here and there, and being in education will help me to continue that path of knowledge. That is one thing that I will always seek until this dragon has breathed its last breath.

all metaphors aside, i’ll be graduating this january 2005, with a bachelor’s in english. from there, i’m planning to take alternate route into eduation as a highschool eng. teacher.

perze and i are now still waiting. it seems that we’ve always been waiting, ever since we made our decision to be together. we knew that obstacles that we’d be facing in our relationship but with God’s help, He’s really shown to us that we’re going the right way. He’s really opened doors to us and showed us awesome miracles that we would never have known 2 years ago.

right now, perze’s already gone for his fingerprinting, and we’re waiting for his work permit so he can find a permanent job. then we’ll have to waiti for his interviews and everything else from there. i never would have thought i would have to go through immigration stuff in my life, but i do always continue to praise God for the experiences He gives me to strengthen my faith. He is good and His love endures forever.

But for now, perze continues to work for Pinkerton, as they have extended his work visa until January 2005. He is currently working on a project in Parispanny, NJ, just 30 min away from my school, so on Thursday nights, he comes and picks me up to head for the weekend at home, where we’re able to spend time together.

is it hard being a student while being a newlywed? yes it is. but it’s not impossible. i have my priorities straight and i’ve really transformed in my responsibilities. it is definitely not for everyone. but for me, i’ve been blessed with a 3.6 GPA while being married, and my last semester grades look surprisingly good. there are a lot of sacrifices that we both have to make, but we’ve learned to balance many plates in our lives, through God’s grace.

in any given healthy relationship, you need balance.

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