“it will not be delayed”

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it’s funny how i just blogged today about our update.

i got an excited phone call from perze tonight and he happily announced that his EAD was just approved! He’s able to work now somewhere other than Pinkerton!!!!!

this means:
1. he won’t be on his work visa from Pinkerton anymore.
2. he can find a better job that pays well, and pays him what he deserves.
3. we can know where we will be when he find a job.
4. i know where i can go for alternate route.
5. we can start thinking of where we’ll be living.
6. better income.

God is really faithful in his promises. He said, “it may seem long, but be patient. It will not be delayed.” Everything does happen in His perfect time. I met perze at the right time, our courtship was patient in blooming, and we got married at the time when it was best so that he can stay and get everything in order. who knew the time i moved back home, God had planned me ready to meet my future husband…and enought time to know each other before marriage.

and now, am graduating in december, hopefully the same time perze finds a new job. and the new year, will be new with new blessings.

it’s amazing how things come together and work out. It makes you more assured that you are in God’s will.

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