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it’s our 4 month wedding anniversary

the above pictures were taken of random things in my dorm room while the bottom pictures were taken of my husband who was asleep after the victorious Eagles game last sunday. he was a sleepy happy fan who had to wake up hours later to drive his wife back to school.

we look back and realize how awesome our four months have been, with lots of refining, clarification, adjustments, so many sacrifices, hardships, lots of missing each other, but most of all lots of joys and blessings.

i know how blessed i am to have a story like ours, from the start to now, God has really been in the midst of who we’ve come to be…

mahal, i love you. you have really prayed for me and i know no one like you. you continue to show me how devoted you are to me, how much you love me beyond words, but how much more you love the Lord. your example to others and to myself is something rarely seen and i can proudly say how i admire you for it. your life and your love is amazing.
ps- h a p p y b i r t h d a y N a y !
it was sweet talking with you, knowing you started your early day reading God’s word and doing your devotion. thank you for including me in your list of blessings. we love you and pray for you on your special day.

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