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the down date is that it’s fall. it’s really safe to say that fall has reared its head even here in the mountains of paterson…and autumn’s how its always been- windy, and dark, and pensive…

unfortunately, this year, it’s also rainy. it dampens my drive to go to class but through God’s strength, i’m pretty much on top of things. exams are coming up, so i’m feeling the weight of the credits.

the up side is that perze and i were able to hand in our application for immigration and perze is now awaiting his fingerprinting, and hopefully his work permit will come very very soon.

also, while he’s waiting, he was able to get an offer to work for a temporary project in north jerze. hopefully, after this ends, he’ll already have his permit.
that’ll really take a lot of weight off things.

also, as every knows, this is my last semester. woot woot. time’s flying towards the winter. it’ll be a sweet christmas this year, most because it’s my first christmas as an Ababa.

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