sweet bday keepsakes

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from my husband:
Happy Birthday! You can have your cake later.

from rogie:
The Bible promises that change will occur if you associate with wise people, by spending time with wise people, your life will change for the better. Friends have such an amazing impact in our lives, in my case and in my own testimony, I am forever changed because of a friend. God has a plan for my friendships because the Lord knows that whoever I associate with, whoever friends I choose can determine the quality and direction of my life. A spiritual friend was one of my deepest desire, a spiritual friend will motivate you, challenges you, forgives you, and willing to confront you. A spiritual friend has an intimate friendship with God, who fears and loves the Lord. This friend I can always look up to, she?s perfect model of a friend(sometimes), she intimidates me still because she?s wise and smart. Im giving thanks to the Lord for a friend like you, the Bible says a friend in Christ is a friend for eternity.

to be continued (the bad stuff)………

from my sister steph:
happy birthday to my little sister, chesa, as she turns 25 today.. she’s been such a blessing to me.. and it’s awesome to see God’s hand in her life and her obvious love for Him..

thanks day for all the times we had.. the long drives filled w/coffee and good conversation, our talks before going to sleep, all the silly conversations and laughter, and especially all your help and support.. i love you, day.. i wish all the good things for your life.. happy birthday..

please greet her here

from michelle:
Happy Birthday to Marchesa!! May God continue to use you and bless you. Enjoy your birthday!

from my sister kris:
happy birthday, ate inday 😀

i love you
God bless.

from jaspher:
i jus got home.. and i want to say happy birthday to a very special woman.. u are now eligible to marry sumone.. oh wait, that alredi happened.. hehehe.. jk.. happy birthday ate marchesa! im not gonna go dramatic on u.. i jus want to say ur a blessing to everyone.. especially to the YB.. we love ya lots! i dedicate this song to you.. “..God must have spent a little more time on you..”
btw: i reviewed algebra and geometry today.. cuz of tj and jons uncle.. it was weird.. but it was nice.. math, so fun.. (sarcasm) God bless

from genesis:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ATE MARCHESA! sorry I dont want to be dramatic like everybody else.. so imma keep that to myself.. I’ll tell you someday… all you need to know right now is that you’re so special to me I just had to crash in your wedding

from joy:
Happy Birthday to Ate Marchesa!

Great leader,understanding,sweet
and caring,patient,funny,humble,inspirational,
good listener,and smart.

Those are just some traits that she has,
if I were to finish it, it would take me
forever to fnish!I just wanna wish you
a happy birthday, and thank you for always
putting up with the Youth. I admire the patience
you have for us. Were thankful for having you
as a teacher, a leader, and a friend. Thank you
for always being there for us. Thank you for
helping me so much!Your an inspiration to all
of us.I hope God gives you a wonderful birthday!
God bless and take care!

from teya:
so its that time of the year again, where this one particular woman celebrates another year of God’s faithfulness. who continues to grow physically, mentally, and spiritually. who, the past year alone, had gone through amazing life changing events. who’s been looked up to by a lot of the younger and older people in/out of the church…who’s very dedicated, very uplifting, very supportive…

there are still a lot of things to say and it could never end….but i just wanted to wish her (mrs. marchesa ababa) a very very happy 25th birthday. may God continue to bless you..

from aia:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ateh marchesa!!!
ateh marchesa is very smart, funny, caring, and shes always there if you need her.

i remebered one time when she taught us at dvbs. it was the last day. nd she closed the lights nd only had candles in the room. she told us to just tink bout God. nothing else. and played “the love song” (i tink dats wut it was called)..nd evrybody in the room cried.. i realle love how ateh marchesa teaches me.. coz she wood usually bring music. nd i love it. happy birthday ateh marchesa!!!

happy na birthday pa!!! tak carez nd God bless..

from lheila:
Hapy Birthday Marchesa!!!

May God will continue to use you in His ministry.

We love you.

from iman:
…to an amazing young woman, a godly woman.

i have been honored to watch you grow in stature and in grace. i’ve observed your wisdom beyond your years. i’ve been repeatedly left speechless with the amount of gifts God has given you and you in turn offer back to God for His glory.

on your special day, may you be able to reflect on what King David wrote in Psalm 37:4, i truly believe that this is the key to enjoying our relationship with the Father and in turn Him finding pleasure in us. God bless you qase!

from reeny:
happy birthday marchy!… you’re now officially a quarter…you’ve always been a great friend to me… a confidant, a big sis, advice giver, my sounding board… thanks for everything… i’m truly blessed by our friendship… God bless always!

from darielle:

im sorry i couldn’t blog this yesterday on ur REAL birthday.But ate aia was on after me and my mom wanted me to help her cut the letters 4 church….hahhaha

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