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yep. it’s my birthday. the big two five.

it’s not really big, but i feel like a big girl now. i feel blessed most of all because i have a healthy family who are loving and doing well, i have friends who love my God, i have a church who cares for me and leads me to serve, and a husband who adores and admires me.

but aside from all that. i have a big God.
a God who romanced me and called me His beloved. a God who loves me so much that He laid down His life for mine as an act of love and glory. a God who is my all, my strength and redeemer, the One who justifies me out of grace. a God who sings His song over me and daily gives me gifts of love, and woos me although i go astray. How great a love is He, and He is my song every birthday i have, for without Him, i am nothing. i love you Lord. have me for Your glory.

thank you to my family … you are the quiet backbone in my life.
thank you to my friends … you always make me check who i am.
thank you to my church … you are always my encouragement.
thank you to my husband … you are not just my other half, you are who i am, for what you do affects me, and how you think is my influence, and your decisions are my consequences, and your love sustains how we live. i don’t just heart you, i love you.

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