When We Met

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We were young
so in love
I blinked once
You finished by introducing yourself
To just simply plain me
You said hello
Took my hand
And smiled and all the stars that night
Shone so bright applauded the time
fashioned by God
and looked down to bless your smile

I never knew
Neither did you
Who would have thought
That we had become a scene for the stars
To sigh, applauding this time had come
You visited me
I fed you a line
Never knowing that finally we’ve come
After all of that time
We’ve been gone from each other
then was the perfect time

Unexpected, unassuming, un-trying too hard
un-doing the way people do things to try to know heart by heart
Everything to rush the feelings inside

You called me up
I wrote you a song
we said goodbye, with me… humming a tune to myself
so sweet, the one that you sang to me
I went to sleep
and for the first time
woke up, and got on my knees to pray
for you, for you day
for your life
for God to bless your smile.

i was very creative tonite, whipped out my guitar and wrote a song
about the first time and first month with perze. 🙂

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