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11 more days and my visa expires. They said they already applied for the extension so I’ll take they’re word for it. 23 more days and my contract with Aetna ends.

This is my side of the story.

December 2001. I was ready to go home because my carreer was going nowhere. I was employed by a company who doesn’t know what I can do and am capable of. A lot of times I ask myself everytime I get an assignment … I went through 5 years of Electrical Engineering for this?

Ah … my pride. It was something that God probably wanted to trim down.

Third week of November that year, I was writing drafts of my resignation letter and just preparing myself for whatever circumstances that would come my way once I go home to the Philippines. I remember praying for God’s will and wisdom, to grant me discernment in whatever choice I make. I decided to go Home if in two weeks I don’t have an interview for a new client I would turn my resignation letter in.

First week of December, I got my interview and was hired for a support position at Aetna … the rest is history.

Around July of 2002 was when she found me through Xanga. I was still going through an emotional roller-coaster because of a previous relationship and a possible relationship. I was probably at a point where i’d say to women … forget about it.

But through those times of turmoil, my relationship with God grew closer. I learned how to trust in Him and my faith grew. I can say that I was at an all time high in my life as a Christian. My skills in Praise and Worship were honed to a point where I started writing my own songs. I was satisfied.

I was hungry and felt that the church that I was going to was no longer enough to feed me. I asked for permission to “shop around”. Then I eventually asked for permission to leave for another.

This was when I met her. I must admit that I wasn’t looking for one. We started as Xanga buddies … then AIM buddies (she thinks I’m a stalker because I knew what her AIM handle is … but the fact of the matter is that when she e-mailed me all her personal info was in her signature … he he he. Who’s the stalker now?) After we met for Pre-Basic, we started talking more and more on the phone. I visit their church from time to time .. Until I decided to move.

Our relationship grew. It turned into something that I dread for quite a while. I tried to deny it but after a while, there’s no denying the fact that I’m in love. it took me a while to tell her but I’ve been keeping it to myself. Making sure that I really am.

I proposed to her last February. It was the scariest thing ever. But it was the best feeling ever.

We are going through ups and downs right now, especially with my status. This is one of those times where I have nowhere to run. A lot of people have asked me to elope … but I can’t. I made a promise to her parents and my principles say no.

I’ll go home if I have to.

But going home means leaving her. Leaving someone who is already bound to me. Leaving someone I can’t live without. There are only two choices … Either I don’t leave at all, or she comes with me. That way, we will never be far apart.

I know God is working. We just need to be faithful with what we have.

I love you Marchesa. I always will.

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