when you move … you move

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So I decided to play vball today with my work buddies. I’ve known these guys for three years now … you can say that they are my on court “friends”. It’s been a week since we last played. It was terrible the last time because there were other people who wanted to play so we didn’t really got the chance to play – play.

Today was different. It was just a three game three – on – three match on an 80 degree weather, minimal breeze, semi packed sand. Aside from the “net” issue which was solved by the “Condor” and “Mr. De Niro”. It was a great game … great because I was able to move and sweat quite a bit on top of winning all three games.

The one thing that’s blog worthy though is that I was able to Block some hits today … believe me … it’s worth mentioning because I never Block. I just stand like a toadstool under the net … sometimes I just pretend I’m jumping, extending my arms as if blocking but in reality I was never blocking … he he he. I hope they don’t read this. Yeah, back to my point … yes I was able to block some balls. Maybe I should do that more often. We’ll see …

Maybe I should exercise more often … I need it … I have a wedding to attend next April… and in this case, I’m the groom.

yep … just like that.

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