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May 6, 200 :: final episode of FRIENDS

quite honestly, i was a religiously watching fan, but it was sentimental knowing that after 10 years, it’s gone. Monica and Chandler adopted twins, preparing to move into their new suburbian house. Ross and Rachel ended up staying together. I was really happy with that ending only because i have one too many favorite sitcoms when the two people who are all the wise are best friends, end up marrying other people. Take for example, Wonder Years.

Winny and Kevin Arnold?
i use to watch that every day after school, relating it to my life, and i just remember crying, cuz it’s just so true…all Kevin’s introspective thoughts on life, friendships, and love.

so, ya, it was surprisingly emotional to watch the show and realize they had to break the foozeball table to allow new life to prosper. it was for the best. 🙂 so as i ponder my own life, most of my friends are getting their way towards that hill of midtwenties, most of them on the top, and a few over it…but things change…and it’s always hard to say goodbye to something, not necessarily somone.

i’ll be getting married soon, and so will my sister. i didn’t realize how the next time she will stay over my house, she won’t share a bed with me anymore…unless sam is willing to sleep on the same bed too…yipes!!! hahaaha…no way. and then there’s me…how will everything change once i marry, once i move out.

the ending of FRIENDS is symbolic in more ways than two. 🙂 hats off to the producers and writers!

“I’ll be there for you…”

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