Happy Birthday Tito Perlen, Ate Ching

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tito perlen: perze’s dad
he’s raised a family with 5 children
attained his PhD in physics
i talked to him once, on perze’s birthday…man, i was so nervous.  he must have a lot of love for perze for trusting him in his decision to marry someone he has not yet met.  also, his ordination is soon to be due, which will make perze a pastor’s kid.


ate ching:  my young friend
mom of 4 beautiful kids

she is one of the coolest moms i know, not just because her kids are so well rounded, but because she in her own right is a fashionista, having born 4 kids, she keeps up in trend.  i appreciate her in many ways, one because i know she prays for me, her and kuya darius.  soon kuya darius will also take his ordination, which will make ate ching a pastor’s wife. 


God bless the both of you many more awesome years
in happiness and ministry.

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