weekend blues … and reds

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This weekend has been very “productive”. For starters I got the chance to see Marchesa again because she went home for the weekend. That is always a sigh of relief for me. We do talk everyday but her being there right next to me is like a dose of antihitamine in my pollen filled system.

I had to go to w0ork last saturday for our production implementation and checkout. The first part went well but the second part had hit a snag and I had to stay three hours extra before i was able to leave.

I then had to rush and grab my “attire” for the Leo Valdez Church fundraiser. I got to the venue at around 3:30, we had to make last minute changes to his song line-up. Thank God for my trusty LInspiron 8600, we were able to implement the changes on the spot, burn the CD’s and hand it over to the person managing the music upstairs.

We did have last minute jitters but everything went well. We didn’t really know how many people were coming over but God really blessed us with the attendance. Kudos to the organizers, to those who sold tickets and of course K. Leo for taking his time to share his talent for God’s glory.

After the concert we went over to the Valdez’s and had dinner. we were having a karaoke session with K. Leo, it’s funny how you realize that my voice sounds like a crow comapred to his. It was fun.

Sunday was also good. I was late. people got upset because I didn’t return the projector that we were supposed to use last night. That’s all good. Then there was the reconciliation … Thank you Lord.

Later that day, I went over to the fabila’s for dinner and more karaoke, I ended up falling asleep in the couch.

All in all I really had a great weekend … except for my stinkin’ allergies.

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