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Perze’s Birthday Weekend

so perze LOVED his present.  the reason why is mainly because God had really personalized it.  we were both so blessed, and changed.

we got to the workshop thinking that there was going to be sooooooo many white older people, but it turned out COMPLETELY opposite.  the conference was held in a korean church, headed by a white pastor and his wife.  also, they were our age, plus, there was only a handful present for the 2 day conference, so we were able to get to talk with their faculty, make some friends with their leaders, and get this- get to talk one on one with steve fee!


he wrote songs like:
we are hungry

he led praise and worship during the Worship Together Passion tours under the leadership of Louie Giglio, touring all over the US colleges and universities.

he recorded his new album “Sacred Space“.

to top it all off, he is such an effective and passionate, extreme praise leader, friendly in company, and just a huge blessing to perze and i.  while we were there for his testimony, it was so awesome cuz we were like right in front of him.  it was as if he was really talking to us, it was so informal, it was great.  he is a really blessed instrument, full of practical wisdom, and humility.  during the break, i went to the bathroom, and came back to be surprised to see perze sitting down one on one with steve fee.

apparantly, while i was away, God had imparted to steve the need to approach perze alone, and i was soooooo humbled. imagine, he has been the praise leader that i had admired a long time ago, only to see him encouraging my fiance.  i walked towards them, sat down and entered the conversation.  we were so humbled, and i really praise God for moving Steve’s heart to approach perze.  he really needed that encouragement, and i was joking to steve that it was perze’s birthday, and he badly needed encouragement in his ministries.

God was just so present this weekend. and we were open to listen. it renewed our love for ministry, for music, and for our relationship with God, and renew the meaning of the cross in our lives.  it really gave us strength to be with those believers, so comforting, accomodating, and welcoming…they gave us their numbers, cards, emails…and steve even told perze to email him if he had any questions. it was … wow… awesome.

praise You Lord for just renewing Perze’s spirit.  the conference, the people, the drive, and steve really was there at the most opportune time.  i always thought that it could have been a dream, only because it was soooooo personalized, even the attention given to us.  i love you Lord.

some more pictures.
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for the complete set of pictures,
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we requested live footage from the conference, so we’re just waiting for the guys from Ichthus to mail it to us.  also, i was able to catch live video of his some of his songs as well, and perze was able to get an audio recording of his testimony.

so anyone interested in any of these, feel free to contact me.

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