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it’s hard to plan a date for the wedding.

i’m getting advising this week for my graduation date and requirements so that i can be a step surer of where i will be scholastically on december. i’m praying that this time will fall into place as everything has been so far.

perze got his extension from pinkerton, but he feels as if aetna won’t keep him. that means that he’s gonna have to find another client quickly so that his position in pinkerton isn’t unstable.

tita zenny and tito perlen are best available next year when their school isn’t in session so they’d prefer the date to be then. which is most advantageous for us since there’s 3 months in the engagement visa, if we choose to apply.

i can’t make any finalizations in the date right now because so far, we’re running on faith again. i don’t want to rush the decision (altho, it needs to be made soon) just because i want to know where i will be scholastically so it won’t burden or worry my parents, supposing i don’t graduate. so, that’s why i’m gonna have to take summer school. things will have to be sacrificed this summer- ie. dvbs and great invovlement in basiC, job, and ministries…

i’ve been diligently going to all my classes and so far my grades stand currently in the 3.5 average. i have 2 A’s and 3 B’s…no dropped. i may have to take 3-4 summer classes and then have a full schedule in the fall.

perze and i are also worried about money for the wedding. but i’m starting to accept whatever type of wedding it will be. i know i’m not gonna have a fancy reception but i know what matters most to me. i get to be the wife of the person God fashioned for me. who really needs the pink ribbons? or fancy invitations in script font? what dress do i really need to be known as his bride? what food will make everyone even happier to know and feel our happiness? even if everyone may not be on cloud 9 that evening, at least i know that that evening, the heavens will know that i am his wife.

so it’s ok without the money. i’m truly contented.
thank you Lord.

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