Our Thanks to God

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praise You Lord.

perze called me early this afternoon bringing great great great news. they extended his visa until January of 2005.

this is such a miracle because his working visa is really only active until this may 2004. there was no way of extending it because it had already reached it maximum time. for many many months now, we’d get somewhat despondent because of our situation, knowing how hard it is going to be if he leaves, just because of the visa situation, wondering if he’d be allowed to come back to the US, which is our expected date to marry.

a year ago, we had decided to pray for three specific things.
1. for me to get into a school
a. God exceeded this request by allowing my acceptance into a university, plus giving me maximum credit transfers…90 cr. which only needed 36 more credits to graduate.

2. for my parents, in marriage
a. God answered this next. Feb. 14, perze proposed to me and i had accepted. God went beyond our expectation when Perze confronted my parents with such honesty that he loved me and wanted to marry me. They were a little bit emotional about the realization of me getting married, but they were very accepting to the proposal, which is very very surprising because my parents had the reputation of being very strict about dating. But I feel that God really covered perze. i know this to be true because they have high standards in people, and they have admitted countless times that they approve of him. Plus, perze was able to also talk with his parents, and they gave him their blessings and their trust, even though they have not yet met me.

3. we were praying for perze’s visa
a. God answered this prayer last. This was the ultimate test because we had really almost lost hope for the possibility that he would be extended. God not only answered this prayer, but he also included a client for perze. after having to let perze go of his prior position in Aetna, people within the company recommended him for a new project because they were familiar of his effective efficiency and spirit. This year, they rehired him from Pinkerton to work on a new project.

wow. i am amazed that our prayers have really been answered, despite our times of doubt and worry, and depression, and hopelessness, God was weaving His glorious plans. We know that this is not the end of His miracles, but just the start of a bigger plan unfolding. But at this stage in our lives, we continue our relationship just as it had started, with our common strife to praise God together.

i praise God for the step by step, slow revelation of His faithfulness. we are in awe of all these miracles, and we can really testify of how He does answer prayers and how He loves us so. we know and acknowledge that all these things are only possible because of Him, because it is in His will, and He says that it is so.

i am most amazed with my God. i love You Lord. thank You.

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