if shoes could talk

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I bought new shoes today. A pair of Giorgio Brutini’s. It’s been quite a while since I bought my last pair of black “work” shoes. As a matter of fact, I still remember that particular day, and every little detail that happened on that day. If my old pair could talk, it would have told me how, in the span of 486 days, my whole life turned around.

It would have remembered that on day 24, both our worlds stood still. At least mine did. That was the day when she told me that she loved me. The shoes probably didn’t feel needed at that point because the shoes knew that I was floating. Yes, he would have remembered that day.

He would have laughed at my antics on days 55, 86 and 114. Trying so hard to be romantic and at the same time trying so hard not to be noticed that I was trying to be romantic.

Today is the 486th day and my old pair has to retire. He served me well. A new season is about to begin. Today is coincidentally the 17th chicken day. This day also celebrates the 1096th day of which I have been a Xangan.

This day may not live in infamy, but I will remember this day.

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