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OK. Here I go again with my ramblings. I must admit that over the years that I have spent here in the US, I have become a sports fan. Not just any sports fan but a Philadelphia Sports fan. If you are into sports, you probably know what kind of reputation the fans have here. And it’s not only for one sport, if it’s there, we’ll bring it. Former Philadelphia Out Fielder Jay Johnstone once said that “when the games are rained out, Phillies fans go to the airport to boo bad landings.”

Take baseball for example, the Philadelphia Phillies dismal 2nd place wildcard finish against the Florida Marlins was heart breaking but then the Marlins went on to win the World Series beating the Cubs and the Yankees among others. On the other hand, I don’t really want to talk about this … The Philadelphia Eagles, I really thought it was our time to get to the Superbowl such a heart breaker when we lost against the Panthers, who in my opinion did an awesome job in the Superbowl but lost to the Patriots. Hockey season is still on and we have always been a Playoff contender. Our only concern is that for some reason everytime we go against New Jersey, we always seem to choke. It’s about time we show those Devils how to fly.

It’s been over 40 years since Philadelphia won a championship in Football, over 30 years since we held the Stanley Cup, and around 20 years or so since we won an NBA title.

It’s about time we get one. If we don’t, we can always boo bad landings at the Philly International.

Go Phillies! Go Flyers! Go Eagles! Go Sixers!

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