i’m not tired … i’m just lazy

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OK. I’ve been putting off blogging for a while and for quite sometime I really can’t pinpoint the exact reason why I have lost the penchant for blogging. It’s not like I’ve had a very boring life in the past few months.

Let’s see, last November, on the last day of my client, I popped a tire while driving off Rt. 42, I had the tire replaced and I even got it for free … not just for free but I even got some cash back.

December was a crazy month. I popped the fuel pump of my car and totally blew my engine so I had to have that replaced for a whopping amount of 1200+ dollars … There goes my laptop fund. Not just that but I had to run back and forth the car shop three times because these idiots (sorry to say this but I’m even being conservative in this namecalling) from PepBoys at Turnersville, NJ didn’t do things right. Finally, I brought the car to the Saturn of Turnersville and my car is still up and running until now. Moral of the story … Manny don’t Moe Jack!!! (he he he, I thought of that all on my own)

On the bright side, marchesa and I celebrated our one year anniversary of “dating” ha ha ha! I really had a great time. We went to the Moshulu and had dinner. But before that, we had the chance just to walk around and enjoy the sights of the river. We had a few pictures taken, exchanged gifts … she gave me a seiko kinetic … how cool is that?!? I know how much she sacrificed just to get me that gift. Thanks mahal.

I got my car back on the 24th of December, so that was a pretty nifty christmas gift for me, considering that I’ve been driving a rental for $9.99/day. God is really good. I just worry too much.

I spent christmas with the family … err, the Fabila’s. I really had a great time … eating and fellowshipping … and eating some more. I also learned how to ski over the holidays (thanks to Freddie).

Marchesa got accepted in William Paterson University and even got maximum credits. For me, that was the greatest christmas gift ever. An answered prayer just at the right time. God is really good!

January came and prospects for a new client has dwindled. The promised job for me in Delaware vanished like smoke. Well, it was wishful thinking from the get go but these recruiters can be so charismatic they can be used car salesmen if they wanted. I did do a few helpful things around the office (carrying water, mopping the floor … psyche!), I was able to set-up a clearquest database and was able to integrate it with the other rational components. What they weren’t able to do in a year, I kinda figured it out in a month or so.

February was a scary month … I mean literally. I was originally planning to propose to marchesa on 12/16 but there were too many complications. I finally got my act together and talked to my parents, talked to her parents then bought the ring. I have to give kudos to Sam and Stephanie for giving me tons of advice. I saw at that point that God was really moving things so that I could accomplish this one thing. Feb. 14 came and I have been so scared out of my wits. I didn’t really want to give it away by giving her hints that I was going to propose … yeah I did gave away some but she just didn’t believe me until the last few minutes.

she said yes.

March came and still no client. Looks like the horizons are as clear as mud. In this day and age, as a consultant in the bench, or beach as we call it, once you get out of a client, you chances of getting fired is directly proportional to the length of your stay on the beach … of course there is a normalizing wage coeffecient which is again inversely proportional to your gross annual pay … yada … yada. A ray of hope came when I got a call from one of my buddies from a former client, he said I’m coming back to work on the 3rd.

Well here I am, back in the grind … wishing for the sand.

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