We’re Engaged !!

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perze proposed on valentine’s day @ sandy cove after a wonderfun day @ Inner Harbor. He proposed during the sunset at a rock pier carrying a rose case under his coat. He asked me to read a poem standing up while he knelt down nervously holding out the rose box revealing the engagement ring.

“Marchesa Jane Fabila, will you marry me?”
-and she said…yes!

click on our picture to navigate to our pictures of that joyous day!

i’ll be posting alot of the questions asked to us, and our answers, well, for now, MY answers..hahah..until perze and i set up our “he said. she said.” i’ll also put up letters we’ve received…thank you so much for all your prayers, all your wishes, and all your congrats!! we would not be here without our friends and family…and of course, the author of our relationship, Jesus.

to get in touch with us, there’s a couple of ways. email us, sign this guestbook, or go to our xanga’s. thank you!

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