she said…(answering Q’s)

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so i got a lot of questions and so i’ll try to answer them as best as i can. 
i’ll start with a few of them and work my way…

q. do your parents know?
a.  i always laff at this q cuz if you know my parents, they’re strict on that.  but yes, they do know. perze had first met and had a long honest talk with them while i was away.  my mom said that my dad couln’t even look at perze because he was getting emotional. he also gave them his assurance. (assurance, not insurance…cuz i know some people get married for insurance. hahahahahahah…*wink to —–*)

what did i say to him when he proposed?
a. unlike my sister steph who got engaged last fall who answered sam with a joking “no“…i said, “are you sure?”  … fabila girls are very eloquent. i am sure kristie will make us proud with her first words when it comes her turn.

q. did you cry?
a. this is a big one, and it’s usually asked to perze cuz i guess everyone knows i’m emotional when it comes to these things.  but yes i did. it was very overwhelming, and happy, and right there…

q. how does it feel to be engaged?
a. it feels very real…knowing you belong to someone and are promised to live the rest of your life with that person, thinking that you’re gonna build your life with him. instead of feeling high like what most people think, it actually brings you closer to the ground because it’s reality…but it feels great.

q. will you still have the kind of wedding that you planned a long long time ago where we (the bridesmaids) will be wearing sack cloths and bowing to you every time you walk by?
a. i have a very hard time convincing perze……..but…yes.

q. how were you able to take pictures while you were being proposed to?  who took the pictures of your two?  didn’t taking all those pictures get in the way of the moment?
a. we took all those digipix with auto-timer so it wasn’t too much of a hassle.  As you can tell, most of the pix were in InnerHarbor, the ones taken Sandy Cover were only 4 pictures, and that’s why you didn’t see any pictures of him proposing, only one picture after the proposal.  the reason for this was because we originally just wanted to take our picture there on the rock pier and had set the camera up on tripod.  Perze also tried to make it a “video” but for some reason, it just would not work at that time no matter how we tried…so he just went on with it…the picture of the two of us sitting on the rock was taken after we had prayed since the digicam was already set up.

q. remember when you were young and never wanted to get married? (which i will attach to) remember the times when you were praying for singleness? funny how it turned out huh?
a. yes i remember. actually, the funny thing was the second time i had met with perze (who stalked me by going to DVBS in my church a couple of days after he met me), i introduced him to my class, and Emman (who was 10 years old then) boldly asked me in front of perze “i thot you were praying for singleness”…krik krik.  but yes, i really was praying for it for a while because i really wanted to serve God through my singleness, because He satisfied me, and i had so many goals that didn’t include that “someone.”  I guess God had other plans and really convinced me after a while that He had other plans, plans that invovled perze.  so i always look for what that is…always hoping our relationship is a blessing, and not just a relationship.

more to come…

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