letters from kambal: annie and miss mae

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a letter from my dear friend anne:

Wow!  Marchesa!!!!  Congratulations!!!!   i’m sooooo happy for the both of you!  When Lenon told me that you got engaged i was at work…and i must have been so loud on the phone that i woke up a couple of my patients in their rooms….hahahhahaa


Anywho, i am very excited for you two and your families!   doesn’t it only seem like yesterday when we were still in rutgers….i couldn’t imagine when that day would come when we all take the next step of  marriage…some of us sooner than later!!!  it just seems like a dream to me 🙂  one day we’re playing bomber man..next thing  you know…we’re planning a wedding…walking down the aisle with The One…God has prepared you for all along!!!!  (by the way, len and i got the game cube version of bomber man!!!  so married or engaged …we’ll still be playing the bomber man!!!!)


isn’t it wonderful that God has revealed to you the One His prepared for you and the one He’s been preparing You for 🙂  Lenon and I will continue to pray for you and Perze….especially since we can relate to what you guys might be going through 🙂


gosh Chesa!!!  we’re growing up!!! hahahhaha  could this be true?!?!?!?


and i bet you you can’t stop looking at your engagement ring huh!! hihihi 🙂  u know…as you’re driving …you’re looking at it..as the sun rays hits it..all these bling bling blinding shine gets you all like wow!!!! hahahaha…3 months later and i still look at it and can’t help but to have like this little gigle like i’ve won the lotto or  something!!! 


but yah… just to share with you…everytime i look at my ring… God reminds me that i now have to take very good care of Lenon’s precious heart also…that He’s entrusted me with his son Lenon …and as i contemplate on that…i ask Him to help me…cuz i’m like  …  wow God, you’ve entrusted Me to take care of Lenon for the rest of my life, to be committed to him just as i am commited to You…. and i am going to need your help all the way!!!!  especially when the little Lenon’s and Anne’s start to come along


anywho…i’ll truly pray for you guys  because you’ve chose to commit your lives to one another..and that is a big responsibility.


let me know how your wedding planning is going…by the way i’ll also keep your sister and her fiancee in my prayers as well…in the meantime…enjoy this special moment in your lives…and i’m excited that we are sharing this same joyous phase in our lives with one of our dearest friends 🙂  


lenon and i are actually in the process of looking for the couturier in the Philippines to make our attires for the big day!  and pretty soon in april we will be attending a pre-cana marriage counseling retreat called Engaged Encounter…where we’ll get more of the reality dose of this thing called marriage


Once again, God Bless you and Perze on your engagement!  and welcome into the club  Take very good care of each other okays!!!



with love and prayers,


a letter from my dear friend mae gomez:


Marchesa Dearest,



The first words that come to my mind while I was looking through your

I cried a few sentimental ‘precious moments’ tears. hehe.
When did we get older?  I am so in awe, ches, of how God moves people.
You were the last person on my mind when my sister was trying to make me
guess who just got engaged recently-hahaha.

Although I don’t know Perze much he sounds like a gentle, caring person.
And from your sharing a while ago about this mysterious special
someone-it seemed he knew and found what was missing when he saw YOU Ms.
Chesa!!!        Ahhh, I love stories about love found.  Naka-ka-inlove

What a special time for you and your family.  I know only God writes the
Perfect Love story for his children and as I look at where he’s brought
us, esp. FIC alums-of certain loves lost and found and still some
wandering-I can’t help but smile, to see where God has brought a special
friend so far.

I have to hear it in person though ok!  CONGRATULATIONS SISTA!

Love YOu in Christ,

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