big fish weekend

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perze picked me up so we could see BigFish this weekend, which is a movie i’ve been anticipating to see. I’m somewhat of a fan of Tim Burton so it was easy to sit down expecting a creative movie, esp. the day before we went i was watching Edward Scissorhands on TV- one of the best movies ever…

Big Fish was pretty good altho i felt that some of the parts dragged and Burton got a little lazy with thinking up better ways how to grasp “storytelling” rather than the old man’s voice keep hammering it in. But in the end it taught me a lot about perspective, and how one can live a life and how one can live it colorfully. It made me relate it a lot to Don Quiote.

so here we are in the freezing cold…we’re really hoping that it doesn’t snow…we’re both concerned for the Saturn Coupe.

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