t w e l v e s i x t e e n

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no one has ever put as much worth of me as he does.

t w e l v e s i x t e e n
after my work, after his. we met up & headed to Philly, @ Penns Landing near the river.  we got there too early for dinner, so we took a stroll beside the river.  we ate at this beautiful restaurant on the river called Moshulu, an old renovated highly acclaimed boat which offered dim ambiance, awesome awesome food, the scenic view of the river of Philadelphia, music, and class all around.  it was the nicest place anyone has ever taken me out to on a date…and it was perfect for twelvesixteen.

read their review: click here

i was also thinking that maybe our YA should have a nice formal dinner here since attire has to be nice, plus there’s dancing on certain nights of the week. 

for options and info:  click here

before that, we exchange presents.  with closed eyes, he slipped a 256 mb card into my palm…then in a tiny green bag, he pulled out my new toy.  he’s so funny…it’s the one i’ve been noticing @ costco for a while now, but never imagined, or even wanted a gift like that.  i know he loves me already, and so, big gifts are something i am not used to, and he knows that i don’t like him to spend so much for me, when i’m so easily tickled by simple things.  i am not like other girls who goo for their boyfriends to buy them things.  in fact, i readily admitted to him that i don’t deserve a present like that.

i took pictures of everything…mostly of each other, and the restaurant.

afterwards, we ended up at starbucks due to the frigid weather where we tried a new game, cousin to Crainium- [name slips me as of now]…and where he gave me my third present- the dvd of the movie we saw on my birthday, and his favorite movie of the year. 

it was a perfect day.  and i am so blessed. happy twelvesixteen pepit. thank you for the loveliness of the day.  a new year starts tomorrow with you…

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