a christmas disclaimer

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last week was a very trying week for me. i was driving to church last sunday, and on the way, i dropped by marchesa’s to pick her up. i was able to park the car right in front of their house, helped her out with some things then we were ready to be on our way. i turned the ignition key and nothing happens. OK, well maybe it’s just my batteries … it was getting late so we had to use their car so that we can get to church on time.

After church I asked Rogie to come over and jump my car … hoping it was just the batteries. no luck there. By the time we were finished it was already too late for my car to be towed to a repair facility and we decided to just have it towed in the morning.

morning came, I then called AAA (Anomalous Alcoholics Anonymous, psych!) , and they towed my car two hours later. Turned out to be the fuel pump and they had to replace it along with the fuel filter as well … estimated cost $1100.

What choice do I have? … None

So I had to have it repaired, the other choice was dump the car and get a new one, pronto … I wish. It took the two days to wait for the parts and fixed that thing. I picked it up tuesday night, a mile away from the shop it broke down again … what in the world?!? I had to call AAA (Alligators Against Asthma, *duh*) again and have the car towed … again. The funny thing was that it was the same guy that towed my car the first time, we were just laughing about it. I asked him to just drop it of Pep Boys … again, because they said that they would look at it in the morning.

Turns out that the fuel pump that they installed in my car was defective and they had to replace it … again. It took the rest of the day for them to figure that out, get the parts, install and test the car.

The car is OK now and I did learn a lot from that experience. It was one of those moments where Rogie would scream SERENITY NOW! but God really helped me to look at the situation at a brighter side. Sure I lost $1100 in the process, not counting the stress and the frustration that was building up, the whole psycho-political and the socio-economic effects of that particular week was just whacked! A week later I can look back at it and just thank God for putting me in a great situation. I had a place to stay when my car broke down (twice), the emotional support was there (thanks marchesa) … and a whole lot more. it was as if a lot of events had to happen and culminated at that particular moment, a moment that made me realize that whatever may happen, our God is still in control.

Things might look dim, dark and dreary in the horizon but at the end of it is always that blessed hope of seeing one set of footprints in the sand. God is good, and I have experienced it first hand.

This christmas, it doesn’t really matter if you get what you want, or if you have enough money to get the people you love something that you want for them to have, what counts is that at one point in time, the saviour of the world was born and on that day, He gave us the greatest gift we will ever have in our lifetime … Him. (here comes the disclaimer) Since I spent all my Christmas money with that car incident … I am sorry to say that to those people who are in my list, (soup nazi tone) no gift for you … or me either.

Have a Blessed Christmas and a Christ filled New year everyone!

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