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the past 5 days have been awesome.


bernard came over from connecticut and got here at around 4ish. we rested for a while and then drove over to the fabila’s to hang out and catch up.

We then went to the church thanksgiving service, had dinner, bought cranium and played until midnight. i can say that rogie has been mr. humdinger until now.


we got home at around 2 in the morning and woke up at around 9 or 10, we then prepared ourselves to leave for fishtown to visit our old sunday school teacher and her husband. we had a great time catching up with the old days and i think God is opening an opportunity for advancement in my part regarding my musical direction. Kuya Dolly suggested a few things that we need to pray about and I really think this is an opportunity for me to serve God in a different way other than what I have been doing now.

After the thanksgiving lunch, we drove over to the fabila’s for dinner. Man we did not have turkey but i felt like I was the turkey because i was ultra stuffed. ask bernard … after lunch we were just watching TV, playing games and just chatting with each other.

hah! the cowboys lost to the dolphins … take that.

marchesa and myself did have a heart to heart talk regarding something that i need to work on in my attitude. it was a bitter pill to swallow but i really needed that. thank you for understanding mahal.


black friday. we woke up at 4 in the morning to line up at best buy. oh man, people are crazy. i was supposed to buy a laptop for the church but we were too late. crazy people! I ended up buying a 5.1 stereo system witha progressive scan dvd for $70! no one beats that price. bernard bought wireless networking stuff for his room, i really wish they can come up with a wireless power source … he he he.

we went home after three hours of being in line … best buy turned into a labyrinth … ugh i hate black friday, next time i’m buying most of my stuff online. we slept again to prepare for our youth thanksgiving i a few hours. I really couldn’t sleep thanks to a few factors … HA HA HA. oh well i woke up, had donuts and then helped the fabila’s decorate their tree. bernard and I were recalling how they used to have one of the best while we were growing up. My family never believed int he importance of the tree and didn’t really care about it, we didn’t even have any decorations.

after the decorating and marchesa and her sisters poking fun at their mom with the decorations, we then went to the church to set up for the youth thanksgiving activity. then bernard and myself prepared for praise and worship.

at the end of the night we had a great time fellowshipping with one another. we had a few visitors from princeton and wilmington. Pastor Justin had a great message of thanksgiving. In everything give thanks for this is the will of God … 1 Thessalonians 5:18.

At the end of the night we went back to the fabila’s and watched the new charlie’s angels dvd. got home at around 3 in the morning, slept until 1 in the afternoon. i was cooking lunch, rice and some longanisa. bernard was mentioning about the quantity of the rice that i cooked, i told him, that’s ok, we can have that for breakfast tomorrow. at the end of the meal, no more rice. we were laughing like crazy.

then we went back to the fabila’s for choir practice (ugh, i forgot my songbook … again). after the practice rogie gave me a haircut. thanks rog. you are a lifesaver.

then we went home and watched the hulk … man that was boring … no wonder why the hulk was so angry.


we went to church just in time to prep up for praise and worship. I totally forgot that it was pastor Ding’s turn to lead worship. He was so gracious to let me bernard and marchesa lead worship.

After the service, I had to leave because it was edward and mhex’s twin’s baptism. i did see a lot of people i haven’t seen for a long time, kuya william and ate ester was there, arnold and michelle, pam, and a few mentionables. i knew the eagles were playing against the panthers so the whole time i’ve been updated with the score through my cellphone. the eagles have really been playing pretty well. they ended up winning 7 straight games after losing to dallas in week 4 giving them the best record in the NFC east. we need to beat dallas and then we would have home field advantage. crossing my fingers for the superbowl. man … we really need to win one.

after the reception, i went back to the fabila’s. On the drive back, i got the chance in catching up with fellow alumni from Mindanao State Unversity, poking fun at the subtle nuances of being an msuan. those were the days.

the kids were at the fabila’s playing cranium, i think we need a booster pack since people are starting to be familiar with the questions already. and that is after 4 days of playing the game. sheesh. after the game, we went to the bubble tea hut in cherry hill, cool place … kids were telling us that it’s the ew central perk, lotsa board games, DDR, internet … of course food, you just have to pay for the food and everything else is free. marchesa beat me with four straight … well i did won some and lost some, but all in all she beat me up.

after bubble tea hut, we dropped off the guevarra kids and went to friendly’s for dinner. then we just hang out at the fabila’s. these are the moments i look forward to. just being with the love of my life. moments we cherish.

i love you mahal. thank you for the great weekend.

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