angels in the outfield

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I barely remember the movie, nor my blog is related to it but yesterday I’ve experienced them first hand.

While going home Saturday night, I was feeling a little iffy. I got home and prepared to sleep, 30 minutes after closing my eyes I woke up burning with fever, maybe it was the chilly night but I woke up and grabbed some tylenol then went back to sleep. Woke up again 30 minutes later and turned the heat up because I was really shivering. I looked at my watch. It was 4 in the morning. The next thing I noticed I got a call from marchesa, she told me it was 8, and church starts in an hour. I did realize that we were supposed to lead praise and worship but I had to beg off in the last minute, because I can barely open my eyes and I still had a slight fever. The next thing, I get another call, which I believe was another hour or two later asking if I finished making a form. Then it hit me, Uh-oh … I totally forgot to forward it to the members of the nominating committee. That was probably my biggest blunder day at church. Now that I’m sane and well, I just realized that I even volunteered to do a special number. Heh.

The day progressed and I got better. Not because the Eagles won against the Giants, I should feel all the more sick since McNabb only had a 26 passer rating (what is up with that?!?), but because a lot of people showed their concern, especially marchesa. I’ll take this time to thank Kuya Bio and Tita Ruth for allowing marchesa to come over and bring lots of food (including junk food). Of course a heartfelt thanks should be given to my angel ? thank you mahal.

And to those who have been praying, thank you very much.

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