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In this day and age, not too many people find the love of their life early on. Even more difficult to find someone who has the same quirks and passion as you have, and much, much, much more difficult to find someone who complements and supplements your personality and even you abilities.

This is why there are too many failed relationships out there. Even the statistics agree, almost 50 percent of marriages end up in divorce, even sadder to think that among “Christians” they have the same rate, and in some studies, even higher. These blaring facts just makes you think twice about getting into a relationship. Of course, once you decide to get into one, there would be sacrifices to make, friends that you would lose, habits you need to let go ? just a whole lot of stuff that needs a lot of work in order to succeed. If you think about it, a relationship without God’s blessing, like the watchman who watches over the city, will be in vain.

Today marks the 304th day when marchesa and myself pledged our commitment to one another. In the past 304 days, not a day passed by where we never expressed our love for each other. We had our rough moments but for some unexplainable reason, we would always end up telling each other of our love. When one doesn’t budge, the other one always gives in, there are times when stubborness kicks in but still we patch up.

My whole being exults in joy to the Father for giving me this opportunity to be with someone who after his own heart. I look forward to the next 27,759 days.

Happy tensixteen baby. I love you Marchesa Jane Fabila. I love you very much.

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