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when the
      f   a   l    l
for the

so  did  i …  …

         for him.

when the
   c u r r e n t s
wanted to
     take him     far 
     from the shore

that’s when 
     i started to swim.

there’s a perfect time
for perfect reactions
            your cause 
      made my effect

like leaves 
   to time’s submission.

happy tensixteen pepit.
I love you mahal.
thank you for the gift.
thank you for 10 months of always walking nearer to the traffic just to make sure i’m okey.

by grace…


it’s tensixteen.
some people go on with life living from summer until it hits them that the leaves have changed to fall.
then there are some people who live each day to notice the slow color transition of the leaves.

that is the beauty of love.
two people are graced to experience that careful movement from something so foreign to something so strong.  it’s in genuine love that two people are careful not to break each other and the friendship, so that they allow themselves to change within the natures of one another, never rushing into the next season, but being patient to discover who they are, their very colors, their varied colors, always in great cause and effect between each other.  And God has fashioned it so that His two children can experience those changes in love, carefully, within their season.

the sweet blessing also come to those people in group B.  When those more observant can see love grow rather than one day suddenly see it in full bloom.

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