weekend recap of SJBCI 15th Anniv.

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the anniversary was fun.
i just got so giddy when everyone started coming in and i saw friends come in…from childhood, from SJBCI, from Delaware, from Maryland, from DC, from North Jersey…wow. you just feel so full knowing your friends, your family, your church, and those you care for are there sharing in something you love…

Homeostatic Family
i am just very blessed to know how the church came together to do what needed to be done for the anniversary, asthetically, musically, spiritually, and physically.  I was also very proud in the sense that God had been so faithful towards those who have been faithful in ascribe glory to Him through His ministries in SJBCI.  As i looked at the powerpoint, and having been working on it, looking through all the pictures that depicted the various ministries and accomplishments, i was humbled knowing that the leaders of SJBCI are really trying to do everything for God and not for ourselves.  I know working with Pastor Ding for the powerpoint, he really wanted to stress that all was for God’s glory…and i admire the leadership for their attitude.  I also love how we incorporated our worship service as the program for the anniversary.  It felt unstaged.

The Choir
I have to thank Genesis for singing the solo for choir.  It was her first solo and she really impressed me.  I have high hopes for her musically.  I just hope she works harder to refine her voice and technique . *hint genny*.  The choir really pulled through this time.  I know i’ve been getting some feedback as well as my own observations on some irky spots here and there, but i believe the Holy Spirit always has our back when push comes to shove. And i know the choir is trying their best every special performance. 

Also, i want to thank Darielle, Camille, Bunny, Chelsea, Leon, Jason for singing in the children’s choir.  You guys rock . love ate marchesa

on far away friends
it was also nice just having people come from different places to share in the joy…i was able to see Ian and Michelle, whoa…and paul anci, FIC represent!…i was able to talk to the delaware girls, who are really refreshing to talk to…they’re so friendly.  Of course, who could miss Rachelle and Ria…Ria came up to me and started mimicking my actions during my conducting choir…hahaha…i think alot of people were baffled still that i conduct.  afterwards, the guys [no hair vs. hair] played touch football.  I got a chance to chat with Juvy & Lhei…so that was nice. ya, it was just nice to see everyone…wish there were more times like this.

after the anniversary, my family plus Perze & Sam, went to Rehobath Beach in Delaware.  I were able to catch seeing the huge waves crash, shop a little, and hit the outlets.  It was a nice time bonding with the family, plus Kristie was home for the first time [being away for college] so everyone is super sized happy…and it always makes me feel complete knowing that Perze & Sam are there with my family.  It makes me know that things are changing and i’m growing older, and that my family is changing too.  i sometimes pray that my family will open up their hearts to grow in love for the ones that we love.  despite all my complaints sometimes and the unfairness that shakes me, i know deeply that i am so blessed.  My family is imperfect, but i know there is always love.  Thank you God.

we got home really late, and decided really late to rent a movie. wow. we went to sleep at 3am.  we all ended up being late for church service the next day.  that was my first time in like…forever.

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