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so, it’s one week away from the church’s anniversary and perze and i have finished the project that was given to us by Pastor Ding.

this is the earliest we’ve ever finished on powerpoint before the actual “big day”. usually, if you can find me, or my sister, or some of the young adults crammed in my basement the night before the event, staying up mad late just to finish it for the next day.

so, i want to thank God for the opportunity to work with Perze this time. This is the first time that perze has been given a powerpoint responsibility (aside from the retreat one, which was much easier and more simple/straightforward). Perze even taught me a lot of things on ppp that i didn’t know…and so it was really sweet to have done something very constructive and rewarding with him…spending time creating layouts.

One thing i notice is how well we compliment each other because he is a problem solver, very detailed when it comes to the technical stuff…and i’m more of the creative side…

it’s just nice. it feels nice. and it’ll feel even more awesome when everyone will get to see it too. 🙂

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