hah! got stood up …

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all dressed up … with nowhere to go.

Reba McIntyre would have been proud, not that I’ve heard the song nor a Reba McIntyre fan. Yesterday I blogged about the board of directors, the high and mighty, the big honcho’s, yada, yada … are coming over to our building to have their board meeting. Today was supposed to be the day.

We usually have casual friday’s, you know jeans, even shorts in the summertime. Last week they announced that we have to wear business casual because the baby hueys … err, the bosses will be coming over. So, thats what everybody did. I had my regular work clothes on, longsleeves and slacks but oh boy, you won’t believe at what length others go in order to impress people who probably won’t even notice them or maybe even see them.

Even the Dragon Lady (because she smokes a lot … i mean a lot) wore a dress(she only wears baggy pants), and heels too. So funny. Then she told everyone that the head honchos are not coming because of an accident in the expressway. If I probably looked carefully, I could have seen the sighs of everyone going through the air … especially those cooks, or were they chefs?

Some are still in denial …

They say they’re expecting the Board
They’re just running late
But we know the truth so well
So I just sigh and walk away

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