moving blues

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for a while now, i’ve been considering, moving into new jersey. last sunday, we went to visit rogie’s place i kinda concluded that i would definitely move. but now i have second thoughts. i don’t know what but I really need some kinda confirmation or assurance on this move.

my immigration status is still up in the air. i kinda worked on my balance sheets and looks like i have the same expenses whether i move or not. the greatest factor has been the automobile insurance in new jersey, the state regulates it so much to the point that nobody wants to do their business anymore. i could double what i’m paying now.

i was hoping i could save a bit on this move but looks like, it will just be the same. wow this is harder than i thought. i have literally a few days before i decide and turn in my discontinuance of lease document and the closer it gets, the more confused i am.

here’s my list of pros and cons so far:

pros —
closer to marchesa
closer to the church (i can be involved more in the local ministries)
cheaper gas!
i can mooch of my mileage allowance
no lease restrictions

cons —
i have to wake up early to go to work (say 5:30, in order to miss traffic)
my automobile insurance doubles
the hassle of moving, arrrrgh

hmmm, i guess that’s it. looks like i convinced myself with that… more pros than cons. ok .. i’m drafting my letter tomorrow.

ladies and gentlemen, i’m moving to South Joizee!

now … who wants to help? … tentative date, first week of december.

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