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i know perze hates putting up his pictures
but it’s not everyday.


— scroll down —


random fan pix of Perze

love is love even though you are far away
though 40 miles is is kinda far from here
it doesnt matter if the sky is always gray
you’re always embracing me though you’re there

from ches

i once imagined landing on the moon
catching a star
that every person dreamed of, like cartoons
thought maybe i could grow to find
the end of the rainbow
i imagined the sweetest things in life i’d go through
but never could i have imagined you

after a while
one learns that dreaming brings pain
i thought love would only fail again
imagined i would spare my heart from further stain
imagined i would reason myself in two
but never could i have ever imagined you

so you must understand
why now there is so much to lose
for you are my surpassed expectation
and who i expect to choose
so if ever i could fill all your imaginings too
my heart still stands, never could i have imagined you.


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