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it has really been a long time since i last published a decent blog. i guess starting today, there is a need for me to play catch-up.

first-up, visit to Connecticut/Massachusetts (August 22-24)

It has been almost a year since I drove up to Connecticut and visit Bernard. In usual cases he would rather drive down here because he claims his place booooring.

The drive up was not as gnarly as I expected since I was driving over on a friday night. I did use a different route as given to me by bernard … which I believe, cut down my driving time by almost an hour. Despite being stuck for over an hour on the GW Bridge (horrible traffic, horrible!) I still made good time reaching UConn by way of Merritt Parkway.

I arrived at UConn at around 11p, stopped by a local 7-11 to get dinner. There is a side story to me getting dinner. Beside that 7-11 is a seafood restaurant/diner that seemed open because there were a few people inside. I checked their store hours and saw that they will close by 12 midnight, went over to the waiting area, checked their prices and found them decent, a little bit pricey but my wallet seemed fatter when I am most hungry. 5 minutes went by and nobody waited on me … it said, please wait here …. so I waited … and waited, and waited. by the time it reached the 10 minute mark, I said forget it, I can’t wait any longer. So I left and went to the 7-11 next door.

I ended up getting some cheesesteak and heaven and hell nacho cheese chips … yummy. At this point I’ve been playing phonetag with Bernard since I really had trouble getting some signal, later on, I found out that Storrs is Cingular country … ugh … thanks T-Mobile. I still can’t convince myself to use Verizon or sprint .. until they decide to switch to GSM, maybe then.

I finally got hold of Bernard and he told me that he was going to be a bit late, apparently, he was playing a gig somewhere and asked me to call Divina, she used to be my classmate while we were freshmen at the Mindanao State University – Marawi Campus. At this point I was trying to call Divina and always kept getting the voice prompt which told me that her voicemail has not yet been configured. I found out later that Bernard gave me the wrong phone number.

Twenty minutes later, Bernard called me up and told me that he is already in the campus. I drove up and met Divina, Tay-Tay(Charito) and some other girl whose name I forgot.

After a few pleasantries, we decided to call it a day.

Next up, the drive to UMass and Bernard gets us lost in a abandoned airfield …

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