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one day a little before my birthday, Perze’s mom, Tita Zeny mailed me an album filled with Perze’s baby pictures. I took a picture of my favorite one. My friend Teya pointed out the similiraties between Perze and pekkle…and yup, there you have it!

A wanna-be lifeguard who has a little trouble swimming, Pekkle hails from Australia. He is extremely loyal, especially to his girlfriend Ruby and his constant aquatic companion, Pich the fish. As clumsy as he appears, Pekkle is a very talented dancer and body surfer and most times you can find him down on the beach with his friends. His birthday is July 27th.

a wanna be educater who hopes to run his own business one day.  Perze hails from Marawi, Philippines.  He is extremely loyal, esp. to his girlfriend Marchesa and his aquatic companions Isis, Othello, and Socrates.  As clumsy as Perze appears, Perze is a talented upper body car dancer and techy extraordinaire and at most times you can find him at Costco, Best Buys with a childlike awe.  His birthday is on April 18th.

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