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i had a good conversation with my brother yesterday, although somewhat brief. he’s trying to create a stable fund for my cousins back in the Philippines, for those who have ambition to finish college so that they may have more opportunity for a better income and hopefully a better life. My dad’s family back in Ferrol face too many hardships, and my family wishes it could be amended somehow through education. I recently found out that my brother is putting one of our cousins through college, which varies greatly in price to the education here in the US, but still a bit expensive nonetheless for my brother to be sacrificing. Also, my mom puts some of my cousins through college on her side of the family because she aspires for them to have a better life in the Philippines, or even one day coming overseas which will add to her joy because my mom has no close relatives from her side of the family here in the US. I know she often complains that she continues to give although most of the time, she doesn’t here from them, but she continues to sacrifice.

i really admire this from my brother and mother.

my brother said yesterday, “i’ve learned that if you give, no matter how you think that you won’t have enough, you’ll really see that it comes back to you, and you’ll be fine. That’s even how it is in church. Through experience, it really does come back to you.”

this struck me cuz i’ve heard perze say this many times. God really does bless those who trust God with their money. That is faith, and i praise God for my mom’s/brother’s faithfulness through giving.

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