My 24th Birthday

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i woke up to many phone calls on my birthday.  the first one from my dad who went to work early.  Then my lil sis greeted me and so did my mom when she got back home.  Then i received a call from my kuya from VA. My ate called me later on. 

perze came over around 12pm after work all dressed up with a shirt i picked out for him a while ago, carrying with him four dozen roses.  24 orange salmon tipped roses were for my mom [one for each year of taking care of me…that includes discipline too].  And 24 old fashioned color red looking roses for me.  After we put them in water and he wrote a note for my parents, he told my mom of his plans for the day, and we were off in his blue saturn.  it was really exciting. 

halfway going to philly, he admitted that he was taking me to a restaurant in Penns Landing.  It took us about an hour, and Penns Landing looked so much like King of Prussia Mall- and i could have sworn that the restaurant looked exactly like Cheesecake Factory.  Halfway through lunch, my curiosity killed the cat and asked if i could open my present that was wrapped in a gift bag [reused- Fabila trait, priceless].  After going through lime green tissue paper, i pulled out a black carrying case which held my newest friend… Zire71.  I don’t think i’ve ever gotten a present that made me feel so humbled, so undeserving, and so appreciated…from outside my family.  The first thing i did with it was take a picture of him.  Then we ate til we couldn’t walk. [click on pic]

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black PearlAfter lunch, we headed to the movie theatre and watched “Pirates of the Carribean” since there’s such a great review- care Genesis Gueverra.  Promo plug:  must see. one of summer’s best. imagine three hunks [my generation slang] in one theatre- Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp [who was seriously amusingly funny], and Perze…*wink* i was satisfied we spent good birthday money on the movie.

After the movies, he took me to Starbucks to relax with some caramel mochiata and to be better acquainted with my new PDA.  He had already installed lots of software, music, pictures in it so he taught me some of its functions. 

After coffee, we drove over to the newest IKEA in the PA area, because we’ve been itching for a while to catch its new atmosphere and home decor.  I fell in love even with its layout of the store, and took pictures of all the things i wanted to buy.  Talk about organized living…trendy and refreshing nonetheless. We spent a good time there just talking about decorative possibilities.

ChicagoDuring the drive from IKEA, he reminded me of his last present which i giddily opened.  I was so happy….Lastly we just spent the remaining time just “he and she” time…

overall, it was the best birthday i’ve ever had…not because of all the presents or places, but because he was there.  His attention, appreciation, and even subtle and obvious shows of his love, his words, and his conversation made the day special.  I think it’s really humbling when someone really loves you that they would take great lengths for you, and i know he doesn’t have everything, but just for one day, he acted as if he did. i love you mahal.

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