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*hay naku*

hahahahaha…i don’t know why i’m so worried bout BASIC. all my friends have been telling me to quit such foolish thoughts cuz God’s gonna provide surely, and no matter what, no matter how many people come, it’ll be a blessing, and we’ll all have a great time. I think the problem is that i’m thinking i’m too inadequate…leading…talking…i dunno…

i don’t get too worried over things…i think with all the experiences in my life, i’ve learned to have a more relaxed spirit with pressure. But BASIC is just one of those exceptions. But i really praise God for giving me this opportunity to work with others to plan something like BASIC. It’s been a struggle…weekly…lots of disappointments, lots of planning, pressure, hopes, expectations, personal tensions, bouts of laziness…but it amazes me what vision can do, what determination can accomplish, and what expectations God can exceed.

Lord, be all glory to You. I pray for those coming tomorrow. May they leave satisfied in meeting with You, in however way they need You. I love You Lord.

August 16, 2003
2-6 pm
311 Oakcrest Ave
Pitman, NJ 08071
[email protected]

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