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am a xanga addict.

i think you’ll know if you’re an addict if:

– you log on twice a day
– when offline, you’re constantly thinking of what to blog
– you were terribly upset when their system was down for only a day

so i’ve realized how much of a blessing xanga is. i mean, i never really considered it to be a big deal until i thought of it as a means of communication between people, between friends, between strangers. My whole youth group is connected through this online journal and i remember while growing up, my group of friends didn’t have any accessible form of online community where we can post our most intimate thoughts, questions, ramblings. Now imagine how easy it is to brush upon someone’s page and read more of who they are, know what is important to them by just seeing patterns in their writing of their thoughts. It’s so convenient for friendships to strengthen because you don’t even have to be with them 7 days a week, all you’d have to do is read their daily experiences and comment on it. [awe *cry* …. hahaha]

i think that’s why i miss xanga right now- because i miss reading about my friends’ lives, their thoughts…even the young believers…reading their journey as they grow…haha…i’m a nut.

thank You Lord for even xanga. *did you guys know that’s how perze and i met?*

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