a lesson on sacrifice

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Matthew 25:34-40

I woke up the usual time today, took a shower, then I prepared for work. I was looking around for something to wear, I decided to wear this pair of pants that I haven’t used for a while. As I was fixing myself up, I realized that in one of the pockets was a five dollar bill, I was like … *woohoo* I now got my lunch money. So, off to work I went.

Before lunchtime, I decided to pick up stuff for my fish, I got that siphoning device that would help me clean the tank. Boy, my fish can really do their business like they mean it. After a while of struggling with the cleaning and stuff, I decided to pick up the love gift for Pastor Johnny in the nearby postoffice.

As I was walking towards the postoffice, on it’s steps there was this homeless person, who asked me if I had change, my first reaction was of course … no, I’m sorry, I don’t have any. I looked straight as he looked down on the ground. As I was on line, the verse that stuck in my head was the verse at the beginning of this blog. The spirit was convicting me to do something. So I reached in my pockets and there it was, the five bucks that I found in my pants.

I finally got the package and started walking towards the exit, I took the money and approached the guy, I gave him the 5 bucks and simply said, God Bless You. It was the change in his expression that really struck me. That homeless man smiled, he probably had before but it seems to me that for that day that was another reason for him to smile. As I was walking towards my car, I heard him yell, “thank you sir … God bless you too”. I looked back and I smiled.

From time to time, God just reminds/convicts us of some truths that we are supposed to do as Christians, it is up to you whether you would respond to it or not.

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