“I’m Here”

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rain was trickling on my windshield as i was driving down the schuylkill expressway. on usual days, traffic speed is around 60-70 mph, it’s that fast because it’s around 11 at night. last night, everyone was cruising at 40-50mph. well, you have your leadfoots from time to time, zooming past you in a breeze and you hear a screeching halt with an occasional honk of the horn. aside from that everything went pretty slow.

for some reason i wasn’t able to bring my headset, maybe for a good cause too *i love you mahal*. i realized three (because i am now a baptist) things last night.

to rush or not to rush

we all start and end in the same fashion, we start with childbirth and end with death, this is one of the absolutes that man can never escape. as we go through life, we experience rain from time to time, and it’s up to us whether we still continue on our pace or slow down and take the time to consider that there are other people on the road as well. people who maybe in front of you and can warn you when to stop or slow down, people behind you who are eager to either get ahead or just cruise along your trail, yet they watch your every move.

the point is, you’ll get to your destination eventually whether you rush or not. what matters is how you got there.

every turn is a learning experience

as i was driving last night there were turns which i thought i already knew but i ended up slipping because of the condition due to the rain. i was forced to drive slower and had much more control with my car. i then thought that life is somewhat like that. we make our decisions based on the things we see, but little do we know that there are more important things that come to play that we ourselves do not see. sometimes, God gives us these experiences that would force us to slow down and hopefully we would be able to learn our lesson from that particular experience.

something is always waiting for us in the end

when we get to our destination, we always get something. if this was a race, you can either get a trophy for being in first place or a t-shirt for just finishing the race. in this journey of life, as clearly depicted by john bunyan in the pilgrims progress, you will always get towards eternity in the end, eternal bliss with our maker, or eternal damnation. followers of nietzsche would say otherwise. there is no heaven nor hell, your God is dead. i just find it funny how his proponents continue to argue when his basis of absolute morality is how we experience things, what we think is right and wrong is based on how we feel. he is basically trying too debunk the whole idea of having an absolute form of morality, or a standard basis of right or wrong.

if someone takes a child and hacks it down to pieces, the nietzschian would probably say, nothing is wrong with that but i would feel bad for the child. you see, the fact that a person feels bad for something, there must be basis as to why he feels bad about it. the fact that that particular basis is established, there must be a source of that basis, we can now say that there is a provider of that source, thus debunking the basic thought that God doesn’t exist.

let me ask you this question, at the end of your journey, when God asks you, what have you done with my Son? what would your answers be?
I know in my heart that eternity is waiting for me. it could happen in the next second or tomorrow, even 60 years from now, and when He asks me that question, i have my answer ready, then i will get my reward.

closing thoughts

i finally got home after an hour and 15 minutes, 30 minutes more than my usual driving time. i did get a reward at the end of my journey … a parking spot right in front of the door of my aprtment. i smiled when i saw that spot, it was like God saying .. see, I’m here and I have something prepared for you …

Enjoy your weekend everyone.

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