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I was afraid that I won’t be able to finish the enhancement that was assigned to me. I can’t really divulge the details of the particular module because of that disclosure thingy that I signed. All I can say is this, during the preliminary evaluation of the module and taking the statement of work that came with it into consideration, it took me 120 manhours to write the script and roughly 24 manhours to execute it. it involves submission and checking of roughly 180+ “claims” making sure the requirements are fulfilled in accordance to the statement of work and it’s business requirements.

The last time we had an upgrade I was up to my neck in frustration because people kept on using my datasets. *ugh* … I decided that I would declare independence and create my own set of data independent from what the others use. That didn’t only simplify my scripts and decreasing the number of claims to exactly 120. With that, I was able to reduce the number of manhours I needed to execute the script. Down to 33% of the original execution time … that’s a difference of manhours.

People hate me sometimes because of my desire and determination to simplify a certain process and making it operate towards maximum efficiency, “You are making us look bad”, they say. They always want to finish things at their own pace, it ticks me off sometimes but I guess there are still a lot of things that I still need to understand in the business world, especially when it comes to social dynamics.

I understand that I don’t live to work nor vice versa, there has to be a balance in these two. The two extremes of which we get to choose what we should be … a monkey who does nothing but interact with other monkeys? or a Robot who does as he is told. Or maybe a monkey android …

I have a meeting in 8 minutes … time to interact … *who took my banana?*

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